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Sharp Health Plan San Diego, CA, Bosses Day Potluck

Visit the my potluck page and view more of their giant hamburger photos.

Breaking Photo News 10/20/2017

Our 9/30/2017 Laptop winner. Lisa Jones of Lexington, KY just sent us a photo of her holding the prize she won  in the giant hamburger giveaway. visit The Giant Hamburger Giveaway page and view Lisa Jones Photo.

Lisa, 007 batman burger

  I first came across the mega burger while watching the Food network one afternoon with the boyfriend. His reaction was priceless and he then went into a monologue of how great cheeseburgers are (something about food of the gods…. I dunno) When his birthday rolled around, I knew what I had to do.  At first I jumped on the Fuddruckers website as it was the place that was featured on that particular food show. The price was waaaay out of my league. $250 plus is a little much to spend on a pseudo birthday cake.  So I did what I always do when what I want is unattainable… I made it my dang self!!! The good people over at The Giant Hamburger provided me with an awesome little kit. It includes a mega bun, burger mold, serving tray, and instructions all for around 30 bucks! and…. 10 pounds of lean ground beef, a head of lettuce, a million little roam tomatoes, a package of bacon, 5 avocados, a jar of pickles, 4 red onions, a package of cheese singles … the burger stole the show. It was surprisingly easy to make! For added effect we put that bad boy directly on a newspaper covered table and dumped onion rings and French fries all around it.