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Our 6/30/2018 Winner: Jeannie Hale 102 Master St, Radcliffe, KY 40160

Jeannie Hale, You has 10 days to claim  the Samsung LED TV. You can be our next winner. Visit The giant hamburger contest page. click here

New prize for 9/30/2018

The giant hamburger giveaway contest

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo (16GB) J701M/DS - 5.5", Android 7.0, Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone, International Model - Black 

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Visit The giant hamburger giveaway page. Click here

Lisa's, 007 batman Birthday burger. lets see yours!

  I first came across the mega burger while watching the Food network one afternoon with the boyfriend. His reaction was priceless and he then went into a monologue of how great cheeseburgers are (something about food of the gods…. I dunno) When his birthday rolled around, I knew what I had to do.  At first I jumped on the Fuddruckers website as it was the place that was featured on that particular food show. The price was waaaay out of my league. $250 plus is a little much to spend on a pseudo birthday cake.  So I did what I always do when what I want is unattainable… I made it my dang self!!! The good people over at The Giant Hamburger provided me with an awesome little kit. It includes a mega bun, burger mold, serving tray, and instructions all for around 30 bucks! and…. 10 pounds of lean ground beef, a head of lettuce, a million little roam tomatoes, a package of bacon, 5 avocados, a jar of pickles, 4 red onions, a package of cheese singles … the burger stole the show. It was surprisingly easy to make! For added effect we put that bad boy directly on a newspaper covered table and dumped onion rings and French fries all around it.